AKT display division: focus on high-end mobile display manufacturing equipment

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Applied materials (Applied Materials) under the command of AKT display division (AKT Display Group) is a flat panel display (FPD) manufacturing equipment of the leading suppliers. So far, the world has more than 1100 production equipment delivery. Among them, the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment and the sputtering equipment for color filters are almost all of the major thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD) factory.
AKT is a leading provider of China FPD core manufacturing equipment, the main equipment provided include: PECVD, color filter coating system (Color Filter Sputter), electron beam array detection equipment, and TFT array PVD sputtering equipment. Applied materials, vice president and general manager Dr. display division Xie Siyuan said, now in the international market Chinese display plays a very important role. Chinese market for AKT display business growth has become increasingly important, we will actively cooperate with the Chinese FPD industrial development, to further strengthen the company in the local system of professional services and facilities. To meet the rapid development of industry Chinese display demand.
In addition to PECVD equipment, AKT also provides array detection equipment, TFT array physical vapor sputtering equipment, color filters and touch screen coating equipment. The AKT PECVD platform covers all glass substrates from second to tenth generations, and is equipped with a plasma source cleaning device located outside the chamber. Xie Siyuan said, AKT PECVD series of products with its excellent film uniformity and stability of the device is highly appreciated. In the future, in terms of PECVD devices, AKT display will focus on the development of the industry can be related to organic EL and high precision LCD LTPS technology, in order to maintain the industry's leading position.
Focus on the development of high-end mobile display manufacturing equipment, active matrix organic light-emitting diode panel especially for the smart mobile phone and tablet computer dependent (AMOLED) and high-end TFT LCD liquid crystal display panel manufacturing, the focal point is AKT display division. Research and development for more than 10 years of AKT film technology in LTPS established its leading position in the emerging field of AKT Aristo Twin coating equipment is for touch screen smart mobile phone and tablet computer manufacturing, realized in the system on a single platform, the coating process on both sides of the independent channel configuration and two different thin film deposition. The latest AKT Aristo Twin coating equipment can correspond to 5.7 square meters (2200mm x 2500mm) substrate.