application area

As a professional engaged in liquid separation and membrane filtration technology company, maxvideo company can provide a complete variety of microfiltration and ultrafiltration systems, nanofiltration system, reverse osmosis system and other forms of membrane filtration equipment, which relates to the industry:

Application of electrophoresis coating industry
Electrophoretic coating ultrafiltration equipment and ultrafiltration membrane (UF)
Plate type, tube type, arc anode, anode system
Stainless steel, carbon steel centrifugal pump
Pure water treatment equipment (RO)
Ultrafiltration purification equipment (EDRO)
Oil water separating equipment
EDI equipment

Pharmaceutical industry applications
Ultrafiltration system (fermentation liquid clarification); nanofiltration and reverse osmosis system (concentrated liquid); micro filter and filter (MF)
Filter and filter; the terminal sterilization absolute filter and filter
EDI equipment

Application of food and beverage industry
Ultrafiltration system (UF), pure water treatment system (RO)
Micro filter (MF), air filter and filter element
The terminal sterilization absolute filter and filter

Application of petroleum and chemical industry
Boiler make-up water system of power plant
Process water supply system for chemical plant

Biological agent industry application
Ultrafiltration system and ultrafiltration membrane (UF)
Filter and filter element