Application of electrophoresis coating industry

Electrophoretic coating is a special method for the formation of coating film, which is only suitable for electrophoretic coatings. Electrophoresis coating is coated with conductive impregnation as anode in the electrophoresis tank filled with electrophoretic paint in (or cathode), in the groove of another set of corresponding (cathode or anode), direct current through a certain period of time in between the two, in the coating method of water insoluble coating film coated on precipitation uniform.
Ultrafiltration (UF) at low pump pressure, a removal from the flowing liquid and dissolved salt, the key is a thin polymer film, semi permeable membrane, which selectively block dissolved macromolecules or colloidal particles, and allows water, salt, solvent and other small through the molecular. Ultrafiltration is a continuous, low pressure operation, the feed solution is divided into two kinds of fluid that is the separation of liquid and liquid.

Role of ultrafiltration:
A. to meet the needs of closed cycle leaching recovery of electrophoretic paint. The electrophoretic paint recovery rate can be more than 98%, which can be used to clean the electrophoretic paint, which can be applied to the coated product. If you do not use the ultrafiltration system, the recovery rate is only 70%-80%.
B. meets the need of controlling the conductivity balance in the electrophoresis tank. Removal of impurity ions, purification of bath solution, improve coating quality.

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